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National Databases

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National Databases

Patient Database

NUFF is extremely interested in studying and pursuing the feasibility of collecting patient follow-up information for comparative review and clinical assessment on all of the currently known treatment options for uterine fibroids via online resource tools.

We're particularly interested in the long term (more than 5 years!) Quality of Life issues that patients with symptomatic uterine fibroids experience. To date, there are very few studies that collect data from patients that would truly give us an accurate comparative picture of the long term benefits and/or detriments that women may experience as a result of either ignoring their fibroids or seeking a specific treatment.

Currently, the "National Fibroid Registry Database Project" is a mere hope and a dream. The National Uterine Fibroids Foundation hopes to provide more information on the development of a national repository of information with access to the database(s) from this webpage as that dream becomes a reality. Your donations to NUFF will help fuel this dream and keep it alive.

Research Database

NUFF is also interested in developing a database of research in progress all across the country and around the world that is currently underway on diseases of the female reproductive system. Once built, it will be accessible to researchers who may look to it for developing inter-disciplinary professional connections and creating new and innovative research plans. In addition, patients will be able to utilize the database to seek out information on how they can participate in current clinical trials underway.

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