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Dear Doctor

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The key to all good relationships is communication. Research has shown, that when it comes to good medicine, patients are more likely to have a positive outcome (and less likely to file complaints or litigate against their physicians when there is a negative outcome!) when one thing is present: solid, proactive, positive patient-physician communication.

Unfortunately, women seeking treatment for symptomatic uterine fibroids are often beyond the ability to effectively communicate their needs and concerns with a physician. The severe symptoms of abnormal bleeding can be frightening and debilitating, even if they aren't life threatening.

Physicians, in an attempt to help remedy physical ailments of their patients as quickly as possible, oftentimes compound the communication gap by skipping a few steps in the communication cycle and jumping right to surgery. The communication gap is as wide as the Grand Canyon and may be a solid contributor to inappropriate and unnecessary hysterectomy surgery.

The Dear Doctor project encourages women to express themselves more directly through medical journaling and letter writing. This project works to help patients learn how to communicate more effectively with their physicians in a constructive and time sensitive manner.

Dear Doctor also works to educate physicians on the impact of their contact -- however brief or long -- that they have on their patients and to remind them that each patient is a unique individual requiring attention and care that is specific to their medical needs.

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