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Dear Doctor

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Dear Doctor,

I wish to thank you for finally listening to me and all my symptoms. For the past eight to ten years, I've been going from gynecologist to gynecologist with all my complaints. Which, as you must know, consisted of heavy, painful periods, painful intercourse, inability to become pregnant and bloating.

Thank you, Doctor, for listening to me after I'd been told everything from, "You'll always feel this way" to "You are just ovulating." Thank you for finally doing an ultrasound to see what may be wrong. I appreciate all you've done even though it has meant I needed a complete hysterectomy and removal of both my ovaries.

Yes, Doctor, I'm only 31 years of age but I am so thankful that you took the time and found the cancer of both ovaries, uterus and my cervix. After all these years someone finally listened. I'm so grateful God gave me the strength and insight to continue to push on until I found you, Doctor, to help me.


P.S. The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (NOCC) says "It Whispers . . . So Listen." this is very true.

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