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As we continue to grow and develop as an organization, this portion of the NUFF website will, hopefully, reflect a continuum of change. Look for casual surveys on a wide range of topics and return as often as possible to help guide us in our development with your commentary.

Databases to assist with research as well as databases to help patients find appropriate caregivers is a goal of the future...right along with the development of a database that surveys and follows thousands of patients annually as they continue on their health journey with fibroids.

The privacy policy on this website is fairly comprehensive -- but if we've missed anything important to you, please let us know.

Finally, it's our hope that many of you will choose to sign our guestbook and let us, along with everyone else on the Internet, know how you feel and what you think about your fibroids, this website, your medical care and any other related issues you deem important.

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