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Dear Doctor

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Dear Doctor,

After bleeding for two months straight and being stuck in the house, I did a lot of research online, to try to decide on the treatments that I wanted to consider.

I looked into all the alternatives to hysterectomy and decided to research the methods of hysterectomy. I decided to have the surgery and determined that I wanted a supracervical laparoscopic hysterectomy. I corresponded with your Nurse Practitioner for quite a long time before finally making my first appointment with you. The nurse told me that you did that type of surgery. By the time of the appointment, I was more than convinced that I needed and wanted this operation.

I came in for a consultation and to have all the preliminary tests done. After viewing the transvaginal sonogram, you confirmed multiple fibroids. Then we had the consultation. I asked you if I was a candidate for the Laparoscopic surgery and you said yes. I then had a conversation with you about LAVH. I told you that I really wanted to keep my cervix and ovaries. You said the only way to do that was to do a laparotomy, which I didn't want. I decided on the LAVH.

Everything went fine and I discussed what HRTs I wanted to be taking immediately after the surgery. You had to take the ovaries and of course you took the cervix. I didn't want to travel to another doc and I just wanted it over. You took a video of the surgery just for me but your staff can't find it!!!!! Every time I see you, you give me big bear hugs. I have really gotten attached to you. You know me very well now and even let me choose my own HRTs. I would not trade you in for anyone...but I still wish I had my cervix and my ovaries, even if there was a good chance that they would fail.

I feel very welcome in your office and I am happy that I chose you to do my surgery. You are a great lady. I even visit you when I don't have an appointment and I am in the area.

My Family Doc loves you for taking such good care of me, even after the surgery with so many problems (all minor). I travel an hour and a half to see you and I would go much further. I believe that God sent you to me, because you are just perfect for me. You answer all of my questions -- and I have so many of them. Your office has only women and I love that.

For me,it is very important to really love my docs...that is just how I am. You were wonderful to me before, during and after the surgery. I am so glad that I found you and went to your website.


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