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Through their generous donations, our sponsors help us with our mission goals of providing information and support to women in need, advancing the agenda of uterine fibroids research and advocating for a woman's right to choose her treatment option. We want to thank each of them for their commitment and generous support and their belief in the work we do at the National Uterine Fibroids Foundation.


BioSphere Medical
Therese Barraco
Elise Bninski
Mary Pat Boersma
Barbara Boggio
Susan Bolles
Michael Broder, MD
Emily Campbell
Carla & Richard Dionne
Angela Embry
Leonie Finkel

Dorothy Flood
Daniel Frank
Lucinda Fredrickson
Scott Goodwin, MD

N. Grass
Robyn Hamlin
Gwendolyn Hayes
Anna Haynes
Elizabeth Herndon
Chiharu Hirano
Paul Indman, MD
Blanca Izaguirre
Nedra Katz
Patricia Lee
Lisa Marsh-Vetter
Kim Maun
Tracey McEvoy
Claudia Macgruer
Hollie Machanik
Ellen Madyun

The MarkeTech Group
Esther Massimini
Patty Nomie
William Parker, MD

Loren Rich
Anne E. Roches
Deborah L. Rozanski
Janet Ryle
Golden Faith Samuels
Mary Lou Silveira
Dora Skalisky
Steven J. Smith, MD
Elizabeth Sweeney
Ralph Turner, MD
Shirley Ulrich

University Radiologists, Inc.
Robert A. Waller Foundation
Marsha Weaver

In Memorial

Cheryl Lavetta (Pugh) King

Through the sponsorship of individuals, organizations and corporations, the National Uterine Fibroids Foundation can continue it's vital work. Are you interested in becoming a NUFF sponsor? Help us complete our mission goals by completing the Sponsor Form and becoming a sponsor today!

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